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Anderson Silva scored a second round technical knockout over Chael Sonnen to defend his middleweight title

Anderson Silva scored a second round technical knockout over Chael Sonnen to defend his middleweight title at UFC 148 on Saturday night. Cowboys Charles Haley Navy Blue Jersey . Sonnen came out strong and dominated the first round, but when he slipped to the canvass in the second Silva took advantage and promptly ended the fight. Relive all the action with TSN.cas Fight-By-Fight Breakdown. Fight-by-fight results from UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II. PRELIMINARY CARD Yoislandy Izquierdo (6-1-0) vs. Rafaello Oliveira (14-5-0) First Round - Izquierdo throws a big left hand to start the fight and is on the attack as this fight begins. Izquierdo is launching a variety of strikes from his southpaw stance. Oliveira gets Izquierdo to the ground and is trying to take advantage midway through the first round. Oliveira establishes side control and has Izquierdo pinned against the cage. Oliveira is working away, but hasnt done that much damage from side control. Oliveira is very technical as he tries to position Izquierdo for a submission, but Izquierdo finally escapes and gets back to his feet. Izquierdo flips Oliveira over the top as the two wrestle to the ground, but remain on their feet. Izquierdo delivers a few strong lefts before the round ends, but Oliveira controlled most of the opening frame. Scorecard: Oliveira (10-9). Second Round - Izquierdo catches Oliveira with the left again. Oliveira throws a head kick, but falls to the ground. Moments later, Oliveira scores a takedown and is back on top. Oliveira has a cut on his forehead and is bleeding, but he is back in side control. Izquierdo attempts a triangle choke from the bottom, however Oliveira escapes. Oliveira is trying to isolate an arm over and over, with little success. The referee calls time to get Oliveiras cut look at by the doctor. The fight resumes on the ground with Oliveira in side control. Oliveira is dominant on the ground, despite being unable to lock in a submission. Izquierdo has been the much stronger fighter in standup, unfortunately for him most of this fight has been spent on the ground. Scorecard: Oliveira (10-9). Third Round - Izquierdo opens the final round with some kicks, but his strikes seem to be slightly slower than they were to start the fight. Oliveira gets another takedown and returns to the top position on the ground. Oliveira passes guard and is back into side control. Izquierdo is throwing strikes from the ground, but Oliveira is controlling the fight once again. Izquierdo pushes off and sprawls in an attempt to get back to his feet, but Oliveira stops him with two minutes remaining. Izquierdo is pinned against the cage as Oliveira spins into the north-south control. Oliveira gets Izquierdo into a mounted crucifix and starts delivering blows to Izquierdos head. Izquierdo is trying very hard to escape, but oliveira keeps him locked up and wins the fight. Scorecard: Oliveira (10-9). Oliveira wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round. John Alessio (34-15-0) vs. Shane Roller (10-6-0) First Round - Canadian John Alessio starts the fight standing up with Roller as the two fighters feel each other out. Roller throws a big right hand and chases Alessio around the octagon before things settle down. Alessio lands a combination midway through thr round. Roller catches Alessio with a low blow bringing the fight to a brief stop as Alessio composes himself. The fight resumes with Alessio throwing a series of combinations. Roller attempts the takedown, but Alessio gets himself out of danger. Roller is throwing heavier punches, but has yet to land anything significant. Alessio runs Roller into the cage and leans on him as the two fighters fight for position. Alessio delivers a few body punches before the pair move off the cage. Roller lands an uppercut, but Alessio lands the biggest punch of the round, dropping Roller to the canvass with 10 seconds left. Alessio attempts to take advantage, but the round comes to an end. Scorecard: Alessio (10-9). Second Round - Alessio is back to delivering combinations as the second round begins. Roller gets pushes up against the cage, but he secures a guillotine, which Alessio escapes from. Roller scores a takedown and ends up in Alessios guard. Roller is doing well with top control, landing punches and elbows trying to wear down Alessio. The Canadian tries to get to his feet, but Roller takes his back. Alessio is in full defensive mode as he attempts to prevent a submission from Roller. Roller gets both underhooks in with one minute left in the round. Roller is dominating the second round as he drops shots on Alessio. Roller ends the round still with Alessios back. Scorecard: Roller (10-9). Third Round - Alessio opens the round with a combination and an uppercut that does damage. Alessio chases Roller across the octagon landing a series of shots. Roller takes control back and ends up on top of Alessio on the ground once again. Alessio fights back to his feet, but Roller is relentless in his grappling. Roller gets another takedown and has Alessios back, with one underhook. Alessio has been unable to escape Rollers attack on the ground and is taking strikes to the face and body with two minutes left in the round. Alessio continues to eat punches to the chin. Roller attempts a choke with just under a minute left, but Alessio fends it off. Roller slips in an arm triangle with 15 seconds left. Alessio finally escapes and delivers a series of punches to Roller in the final seconds, but its not enough. Scorecard: Roller (10-9). Roller wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round. Riki Fukuda (18-5-0) vs. Constantinos Philippou (10-2-0,1NC) First Round - Fukuda is fighting out of a soutpaw stance and is looking to land the inside leg kick early. Fukuda and Philippou are looking for the distance, before Fukuda shoots and grabs on to Philippou. The pair fight against the cage as Philippou tries to prevent the takedown, which he eventually does. Philippou fights him off and the pair move back to the standup. Fukuda has swelling under his left eye. Philippou lands a right hand to Fukudas chin. Philippou lands another right hand, followed by combination and then a head kick. Fukuda continues to deliver the leg kick as the round closes. Philippou did more damage in the standup during the round and it shows under Fukudas left eye. Scorecard: Philippou (10-9). Second Round - Philippou lands a body punch to start the second. Fukuda grabs onto Philippous leg, looking for a takedown, but Philippou defends well. Fukuda pins Philippou near the cage and tries to deliver some punishment, but Philippou responds with strikes of his owns, backing off Fukuda. Philippou defends another takedown attempt. Philippou begins to open up a bit more and is finding the range on his combinations. Midway through the second Philippou has a big edge in significant strikes. Fukuda lands a good kick to Philippous body. Fukuda continues to throw the inside leg kick. The referee stops the fight briefly for a low blow on Philippou. The fight resumes with Philippou coming out swinging. Philippou is still getting the edge in the exchanges. Scorecard: Philippou (10-9). Third Round - Fukuda gets Philippou up against the cage, but he simply cant control Philippou as the two grapple. Philippou pushes Fukuda away and they return to the standup. Philippou delivers a nice combination and avoids Fukudas strikes in the process. Philippou is showing patience as he circles Fukuda and exchanges strikes. Fukuda hasnt been able to get a takedown and thats held him back all fight. Fukuda lands a big kick to the body, but Fukuda also pokes Philippou in the eye at the same time. Philippou falls to the canvass in pain grabbing at his eye. The doctor comes in and spends several minutes looking at Philippous eye. Philippou decides to continue, much to the appreciation of the crowd. Philippou comes back out fired up and is on the attack. Philippou connects on several shots and then tries to secure a guillotine with just over a minute left. Philippou is still moving well and avoiding Fukudas strikes. Even with the eye poke, Philippou takes the final round. Scorecard: Philippou (10-9). Philippou wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round. Khabib Nurmagomedov (17-0-0) vs. Gleison Tibau (34-7-0) First Round - Nurmagomedov is throwing a big right hand, but misses the first two attempts to land it. Tibau is stalking Nurmagomedov around the octagon. Nurmagomedov has explosive strikes, but hasnt managed to connect yet. Nurmagomedov shoots and gets a hold of Tibaus leg, but is unable to complete the takedown. Nurmagomedov throws a couple of wild sweeping punches that misses and Tibau lands a knee to his off balanced opponent. The two fighters grapple on the cage, until the referee resets them in the centre of the octagon. Nurmagomedov has a little more bounce to his step now as he goes after Tibau. Tibau prevents another takedown right before the round ends. Close round, but Nurmagomedov was the aggressor. Scorecard: Nurmagomedov (10-9). Second Round - Slow start to the second round as Nurmagomedov may be slightly fatigued after attempting several takedowns in the first. Tibau continues to show strong takedown defence and even lands a punch and a knee while pulling away. The two exchange strikes, and Tibau forces the pace across the cage leading to Nurmagomedov falling to the ground. Nurmagomedov manages to jump right back up. Nurmagomedov goes after another takedown and Tibau stops him yet again. Nurmagomedov leans on his opponent on the fence, and the referee stops them and resets the action in the middle of the octagon. Tibau has some swelling around his right eye. Nurmagomedov throws a jump kick as the round closes and the two fighters trade shots. Another close round, Tibau is standing strong and did enough to earn it on the cards. Scorecard: Tibau (10-9). Third Round - Nurmagomedov is trying to push the pace early in the third. Nurmagomedov gets Tibau against the cage, but is unable to gain leverage on the veteran Tibau. Nurmagomedov hits Tibay with a good right hand as the pair come off the cage. Tibau gets his second takedown of the night, which Nurmagomedov easily gets back to his feet from. Nurmagomedov and Tibau battle against the fence, but Nurmagomedov cant break Tibau takedown defence. Nurmagomedov throws the overhand right. Tibau and Nurmagomedov trade punches in the standup. Tibau is counter punching well and it was enough for him to take a close decision. Scorecard: Tibau (10-9). Nurmagomedov wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round. Fabricio Camoes (13-6-1) vs. Melvin Guillard (43-11-3,1NC) First Round - Guillard is landing strikes early and showing his usual sharp form. Guillard appears to be a much faster striker. Camoes tries the super man punch and misses, however he manages to get a hold of Guillards leg and get him down very briefly. Guillard stays calm and gets back up to his feet. Camoes throws a kick that Guillard catches and he catches Camoes witha few shots. Camoes grabs a leg, but Guillard slips right out of it. Guillard takes Camoes to the ground and ends up in the guard. Guillard gets into half guard and starts delivering punishment. Camoes reverses it and ends up in top control. Guillard almost gets back to his feet, but Camoes pulls him back down and gets into the mound. Camoes starts pounding Guillard, but Guillard ultimately escapes. Camoes throws a spinning kick, but oddly falls to the canvass. Guillard gets on top and makes Camoes pay. Tough round to call, with both fighters landing serious damage. Scorecard: Guillard (10-9). Second Round - Guillard emplys the jab in the first minute of round two. Guillards striking is crisp and Camoes is being held at bay in this round. Camoes looks for the uppercut and misses, then a spinning kick and misses as well. Guillard defends a takedown. Camoes then gets a takedown very briefly, as Guillard slips away. Camoes calls the ground on and then charges forward and gets double underhooks against the cage. Camoes gets Guillard down with a minute left in the round. Guillard gets back up to his feet and after a scramble ends up with Camoes back on the ground. Guillard ends the round just like the first, on top of Camoes and delivering punches. Scorecard: Guillard (10-9). Third Round - Camoes throws a spinning kick that misses. Camoes tries for the takedown, but Guillard slips away. Guillard is moving in and out, but has only landed a couple of punches. Guillard is faking punches, which causes Camoes to cover up. Guillard is moving around Camoes and chosing his moments to attack. Camoes connects on a leg kick, followed by a right hand. Camoes drops down and gets Guillards leg, but Guillard gets away. Very uneventful third round so far. The exciting opening round seems very long ago. Camoes shoots for a single leg and gets Guillard down. Camoes is trying for a leg lock with 20 seconds left. The final horn sounds and Guillard did enough to get the victory. Scorecard: Guillard (10-9). Guillard wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round. MAIN CARD Ivan Menjivar (24-8-0) vs. Mike Easton (12-1-0) First Round - Menjivar, who fights out of Montreal, lands the first kick of the fight. Menjivar swings with the big right that misses the mark. Menjivar is throwing his right hand over and over and landing well. Menjivar misses on a very fast spinning backfist. Easton tries to establish the jab, but Menjivar responds with a head kick that is checked. Easton connects on a high kick. Menjivar answers with a high kick of his own. Menjivar goes upstairs with the high kick again. Menjivar is throwing his kicks early and often. Easton attempts the superman punch that misses. Menjivar has a little bit of blood coming out of his nose. Easton tries for a late takedown, but is stuffed. Scorecard: Menjivar (10-9). Second Round - Menjivar continues to mix up his strikes. Easton isnt slowed by the variety of Menjivars attack and he keeps moving forward. Easton is now trying to cut off the octagon and force Menjivar into an exchange. The fans are unimpressed by the slow methodical nature of the second round and some boos can be heard from the stands. Both fighters are being very calculated, but Easton is the one pushing the pace. Menjivar lands a head kick. Its been a very close fight so far and thats proven by the close amount of siginificant strikes. Easton is controlling the centre of the octagon and Menjivar now has welts on his left leg from Eastons power kicks. Easton throws a flying knee and definitely got the better of that round. Scorecard: Easton (10-9). Third Round - Easton is picking up the pace in the final round and is moving forward on Menjivar. Easton has done plenty of damage to Menjivars front leg, which is slowing his attacks. Menjivar throws the high kick, but hasnt managed to land anything significant on Easton in the last round and a half. Easton seems to have more power behind his strikes. Easton scores a takedown and is now letting Menjivar experience his ground and pound. With two minutes left in the final round, Menjivar is in need of something special here. Menjivar gets back to his feet, but it may require a knockout for Menjivar to take this fight. Menjivar is trying to land something, but Easton is getting the better of the exchanges. Easton tries a flying kick that misses and then goes for a wheel kick. Easton definitely takes the final round and the fight. Scorecard: Easton (10-9). Easton wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round. Chad Mendes (11-1-0) vs. Cody McKenzie (13-2-0) First Round - McKenzie is throwing the high kicks, but Mendes is keeping his distance. McKenzie throws a kick to Mendes lead leg and Mendes counters with a heavy punch to the body that drops McKenzie. Mendes goes on the offensive and jumps onto of McKenzie throwing several strikes that bring the fight to a quick end. Mendes wins by Technical Knockout (Punches) at 0:31 in the first round. Dong Hyun Kim (15-1-1,1NC) vs. Demian Maia (15-4-0) First Round - Maia looks for the takedown right away, Kim defends the takedown. Maia transitions to Kims back and gets the takedown. Maia moves into the full mount and throws a couple punches, but Kim is tapping already. Kim must have been injured on the fall, because the replay shows he was tapping right after he landed with Maia on top of him. Quick win for Maia. Maia wins by Technical Knockout (Injury) at 0:47 in the first round. Patrick Cote (18-7-0) vs. Cung Le (7-2) First Round - Cote throws a kick to the body that Le catches and flips Cote to the ground. Le lets Cote stand back up. Le throws a high kick, followed by a low kick. Cote is struggling to find his range in the standup. Le is using his kick to keep Cote at a distance. Le hits Cote with a kick to the body and Cote responds with a kick to the body of his own. Le is getting the better of the standup so far. Cote shoots, but is shut down easilt by Le. Le is landing kicks to the body at will in the first round. The pair move around for the final minute doing very little of significance. Le easily takes the first round. Scorecard: Le (10-9). Second Round - Cote is attacking a bit more in the second. Cote lands a combination and gets Les attention. Le is still attacking with high kicks. Cote has a cut on the side of his head and and Le is bleeding from his left eye brow. Le lands a spinning kick to the body. Cote is moving better in this round, but is still having trouble mounting an attack. Cote pushes forward and pts together another combination, driving Le back. Cotes corner is encouraging him to be the aggressor. Le tags Cote with a knee and then a right hand. Cote responds with punches of his own. Cote is landing punches from the clinch. Over and over and lands uppercuts. Cote throws a wild kick at the end. Close round, but Cote did enough to take the second round. Scorecard: Cote (10-9). Third Round - Le comes out with the side kick and then goes high with another kick. Le catches Cote low, but Cote seems fine and tells the referee to let the fight go on. Cote pins Le against the cage. Cote lands the spinning backfist. Le seems to be slowing, which should give Cote an opportunity to attack in this final round. Cote has Le against the cage again, trying to wear him down midway through the third round. Le trips Cote and scores a takedown, although Cote  gets back to his feet quickly. Cote shoots and grabs a leg, but is unable to get Le down. Le lands a right hook and then another. Cote and Le trade punches and then Le powers Cote to the ground in the final minute. Thats Les third takedown and likely wins the fight for Le. Le ends the fight on top. Scorecard: Le (10-9). Le wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round. Forrest Griffin (18-7-0) vs. Tito Ortiz (17-10-1) First Round - Griffin ges high with a left kick. Ortiz catches Griffin with a right hand. Griffin throws another high kick. Ortiz gets a takedown and is in Griffins guard as he begins the ground and pound. Griffin is taking big shots on the ground as Ortiz remains in control. Griffin gets back up to his feet. Griffin is throwing strikes often, which is common for him. Ortiz responds to Griffins high kick with his own. Ortiz shoots, but Griffin gets away. Griffin is getting the better of the standup exchanges. Griffin has thrown twice as many strikes as Ortiz in the first round. Ortiz attempts a very late takedown as the horn sounds. Scorecard: Ortiz (10-9). Second Round - Ortiz lands a big shot to start the round and Ortiz attacks. Griffin fights off Ortiz and survives the early assault. Griffin has Ortiz against the fence and is composing himself. Griffin lands a solid right hand, then a jab. Griffin and Ortiz are both throwing punches and landing here in the second. The crowd chanted "Tito" early in the second, but now they are chanting "Forrest". Griffin connects on another leg kick. Griffin follows it up by a good combination. Ortiz is showing damage on his face. Griffin is teeing off on Ortiz now when they two stand toe-to-toe. Griffin continues to lead with his hands, as he moves in and out. Ortiz tries for another late takedown, but does not get it and eats a few hammerfists for his efforts. Close fight that will be decided in the third. Scorecard: Griffin (10-9). Third Round - Griffin is still moving well and is now landing strikes cleanly on Ortiz. Ortiz drops Griffin with a shot, but Griffin gets back to his feet and gets away. Ortiz takes down Griffin and is into the ground and pound. Griffin has Ortiz in the guard, but he will need to get back to his feet for a chance to win the fight. Griffin goes for a kimura, but loses it. Ortiz is on top, but hasnt been able to do much damage. Griffin gets up to the cage and back to his feet with two minutes left. Griffin is still moving well despite the early trouble in this round. Ortiz looks tired, but only has a minute to go. Ortiz lands a right hand. Griffin is still throwing, but isnt doing much damage. The two fighters swing to the finish in a close fight. Immediately after the horn, Griffin leaves the octagon and walks towards the exit, but returns to the octagon for the decision. Scorecard: Griffin (10-9). Griffin wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the third round. Anderson Silva (29-4-0) vs. Chael Sonnen (28-11-1)Middleweight Championship First Round - Silva comes out throwing, but Sonnen scores the takedown and begins to ground and pound. Silva is holding Sonnen tightly as the two battle for position on the ground. Sonnen is trying to break free to deliver punches from the top position, but Silva is doing well to hold him tight, Sonnen passes to half guard. Sonnen hits Silva with open handed shots to the side of his head. Silva has Sonnens leg locked in place, preventing him from passing the half guard. Sonnen is hitting Silva repeatedly to the side of the head. Sonnen throws a big punch from the top. Sonnen now has Silva near the fence and Sonnen is delivering solid punches with a free arm. Sonnen is working hard to pass the half guard. Sonnen gets the full mount with just under a minute left in the opening round. Sonnen has the mount, but is unable to do much damage so far. Sonnen is laying on Silva, who is holding him tightly as the horn sounds. Scorecard: Sonnen (10-9). Second Round - Sonnen pushes past Silvas strikes once again and grabs onto him. Silva defends as the pair move up against the fence. Sonnen is delivering knees to Silva, who he has pinned against the cage. Silva moves apart and throws a few shots, but Sonnen shoots again. Silva defends the takedown. Sonnen throws a spinning backfist and slips. Silva hits Sonnen with a knee to the body on the ground and then goes in for the finish. Silva pounds Sonnen until the referee steps in to end it. Silva wins by Technical Knockout (Strikes) at 1:55 in the second round. Cowboys Emmitt Smith Black Jersey . The move was made Thursday, giving teams in the league a day to claim the 29-year-old forward. Devin Street Cowboys Jersey. -- Gustav Nyquist scored twice and added an assist as the Grand Rapids Griffins beat the Hamilton Bulldogs 5-3 in American Hockey League play Saturday night.SAN ANTONIO -- Teams are finding out theres little they can do to stop Kevin Durant. Durant had 36 points to offset Tony Parkers season-high 37, and Oklahoma City survived a testy 111-105 victory over San Antonio on Wednesday night, their third win this season over the defending Western Conference champions. Durant is averaging 38.1 points in his last 11 games, helping the Thunder reclaim the Western Conferences record with a five-game winning streak and an 8-3 mark. "Kevin did his thing down the stretch, it was pretty remarkable," San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. Reggie Jackson gave Durant all the help he needed, matching his season high with 27 points while handing out eight assists. Durant and Jackson combined for 22 points on 9-for-15 shooting in a 35-point fourth quarter for Oklahoma City (33-10). Jackson had 11 consecutive points early in the fourth, blowing past Parker for layups to give the Thunder a 94-89 lead with 8 minutes left. "He has had great games against the Spurs," Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks said. "I cant put my finger on it. We want him to play aggressive basketball on both ends of the floor. I thought he did a good job of finding spots on the floor that he can finish around the rim." Jackson averages 13.2 points, but has scored 23.7 points against the Spurs this season. Durant bounced up and down excitedly after his second 3-pointer of the quarter gave Oklahoma City a 108-98 lead with 1 minute remaining. "Durant hit some tough shots, he hit some big 3s down the stretch and it just got away from us," Spurs veteran Tim Duncan said. "I dont know how else to explain it." Duncan and Boris Diaw scored 14 points each, Marco Belinelli had 13 points and Manu Ginobili added 10 points. Duncan added 13 rebounds, but San Antonio (32-10) struggled to overcome the loss of their top defensive stopper, Kawhi Leonard. Durant finished 12 for 22, but struggled to get his shot off against the snug defence of the 6-foot-7 Leonard, who has a 7-4 wingspan. Leonard left the game late in the first half after sustaining a non-displaced fracture in his right hand. His status is unknown, but a similar injury is expected to sideline Danny Green for a month. "Its tough, were dropping like flies right now," Duncan said. "Losing Kawhi was huge, especially in a game like tonight." Durant scored 24 points after Leonard left the game with 3 minutes left in the first half. "I felt early in the game the pick-and-roll was working," Durant said. "I was able to go at the bigs a little bit and in the second half I missed some shots, too. They did a good job of just being physical. I think in the second half the defence was a little better." With Leonard out, the Spurs rotated Belinelli, Ginobili and 6-3 former Texas Longhorns teammate Cory Joseph on the 6-9 Durant. San Antonio even attempted a zone at one point to slow Durannt to no avail. Cowboys Bill Bates White Jersey. "(He guarded Durant) just one time in the zone -- he just shot over me," Parker said. "He is on fire right now anyways. He played great tonight. You just have to give them credit." The Spurs used a physical defence against Durant with Leonard out, especially when Ginobili drew the assignment. The tough play angered Durant, who twice lowered his shoulder and dropped Ginobili. Both plays resulted in non-calls, which incensed Popovich. The Spurs coach screamed at officials while Durant appeared to yell at Popovich. Popovich was assessed a technical foul, which Durant angrily sank with 1:12 to give Oklahoma City a 55-51 lead with 1:19 left in the first half. Durant dismissed the heated emotion just as quickly as he did any psychological boost the Thunder will get from beating the rival Spurs three times. "Im sure those guys arent worried that we beat them three times," Durant said. "Were just going to keep plugging away." San Antonio is 1-9 against the Wests remaining top-five teams and the Easts best, Indiana, but they have bigger problems now. After remaining relatively healthy in reaching the NBA finals last season, the Spurs have been plagued by a rash of injuries in the past month. Leonard joins starting centre Tiago Splitter and former starter Green on the injured list. Parker is also still has a bruised shin that limits his mobility and long-range shooting forward Matt Bonner has to wear a mask after breaking his nose Friday against the Portland Trail Blazers. "(Losing Leonard) is a big loss for us," Parker said. "We are already down Tiago and Danny, but everyone goes through injuries and we have to deal with it. Other guys are going to have to step up, but we just have to keep playing." Parker had 20 points in the second half, including 12 in the fourth quarter. "Offensively, Tony was great, but he needed some help for a little while and we just did not get it to him," Duncan said. There were four lead changes and six ties in the third quarter, but Oklahoma City never trailed in the fourth. NOTES: Splitter (sprained right shoulder) and Green (broken left index finger) both missed the game. ... Oklahoma City is 10-4 in back-to-back games, including a 4-3 record on the second night. They have swept three back-to-backs this season. San Antonio has a 54-22 record at home over Oklahoma City. ... Bonner, the Spurs fun-loving forward, is playing along with the ribbing he is getting about the mask he must wear to protect the broken nose he sustained Friday against the Portland Trail Blazers. Duncan, who owns a vehicle customization shop, offered a custom-paint job for the clear mask and Parker joked that Bonner could "scare Durant" with it. Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News jokingly asked if the injury ends Bonners hopes of a modeling career once his NBA days are over. "I can still be a hand model," Bonner said. ' ' '